Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our service.

Free Website Questions

Whats The Catch?

There is no catch REALLY!  I believe everyone should have a positive experience and not have to pay companies like mine to get found in the search results when searching for a business like yours.

I know that everyone needs a website and a hosting platform so with our free website program you pay a one-time setup fee of $99. (one time only) and ongoing Managed hosting and maintenance which includes up to an hour a month of our time. Starting at just $49. a month with no long term contracts.

We do not require any business to be locked into a long term contract since some businesses unfortunately do fail or get sold or no longer need a website for any number of reasons. Although we do not require a long term contract we do require in our terms of service a minimum hosting plan of 24 months so we can recoup our investment over time. (ie. We do not build you a website so you can move it next month to another hosting company.) We make our money back on the recurring monthly hosting and include the cost of the website build in our hosting plans. If you prefer we can still build your website for an affordable rate where you can host anywhere you like.

I find that hosting and maintaining websites at an affordable monthly rate will provide a long retention rate as well as recurring income for the company.

Having nothing but positive reviews for over 13 years is unheard of in any industry but we have managed it.

We are not new to the game we are just giving back the blessings we have been bestowed.

Can I Use My Own Domain Name

YES you can. If you alread have a domain name we will provide you instructions to give to your domain registrar company to change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) so your domain will be used. 

Can I Customize The Colors?

YES you can. All the demo sites we used the blue color scheme, but with your build we can use any colors you wish to customize the website to fit your brand.

Can I Make Changes Myself?

YES! You will have full administrative rights to your website. You can add content, post images and blog posts, add users and perform all admin duties.

Can I Combine Businesses?

YES you can. If for instance your main business is roofing but you also do siding and gutters, we will build the roofing site and add pages for gutters and siding as well, a small surcharge may be added.

Can I Give You Content To Add?

YES you can, and we encourage it. During the initial build, we encourage you to provide content for the about us page. In addition, if you would like to add content written by you to replace our original content we are happy to accommodate your request.

We also provide with our hosting AI technology so that you can log into your website and create as much content as you want including images. We make it easy for you to learn and prosper. 

What It Would Cost. But We Include It.

To Good To Be True? A Free Website Design?

It may seem to good to be true but rest assured. We have spent countless hours and resources to build these free website designs which would cost you much more anywhere else.

Look around for a reputable website designer and find pricing from $1500. on up which normally do not include SEO optimization and support.

Listed below is the approximate costs of getting everything we provide for your one low fee. 

Making this a no-brainer.

Hosting Differences Our VPS INCLUDED

We provide a Virtual Private Server which would cost you a minimum of $89. a month on a monthly plan or just $29 for a 3 year commitment at HostGator Hosting, at GoDaddy it would run you $29. Monthly. 

Our VPS is included with your monthly maintenance and hosting fee. Srtarting at just $49.

Webmaster Services? Included

You need a webmaster  we include Webmaster services with our packages. Who will be your go-to man for monitoring it and making updates. A webmaster can charge up to $150 an hour and package their services starting at 2-5 hours a month. There are smaller web design companies that charge $50 or less an hour. Skill level and responsiveness vary widely.

Web Security and Monitoring? Included

Website Monitoring and Security is extremely important. Included with our pricing packages. Other service providers can range in price from $14.99 a month to $499. a year

SEO Search Engine Optimization? Included

SEO companies will charge on average $75. $150. an hour. to optimize your existing website structure. Our pricing includes basic to advanced SEO tactics to get your business found in the search results. See our managed Wordpress hosting packages and decide what is right for you.

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